JS Prom Packages

In the early days of high school proms, the nighttime dance served a similar function to a debutante ball. Early proms were times of firsts: the first adult social event for teenagers; the first time taking the family car out after dark; the first real dress-up affair; and so forth. Proms also served as a heavily-documented occasion, similar to a milestone event such as first communion or a wedding, in which the participants were taking an important step into a new stage in their lives. In earlier days, the prom may have also served as an announcement of engagement for the “best couple” after the prom court had been crowned and recognized.

While high school yearbooks did not start covering proms and including prom pictures until the 1930s and 1940s, historians believe proms may have existed at colleges as early as the late 1800s. The journal of a male student at Amherst College in 1894 recounts an invitation and trip to an early prom at neighboring Smith College for women. The word prom at that time may just have been a fancy description for an ordinary junior or senior class dance, but prom soon took on larger-than-life meaning for high school students.

Today, prom continues to be a notable event in the social climate of high schools. Popular movies and novels attest to the importance of prom themes, prom dates, and prom queens. In some areas, the traditions of prom are not as rigid as they used to be, with some areas allowing individuals or groups to attend instead of couples.

And to continue our excitement to this spectacular event for our “teens” Royale Tagaytay Country Club offers a very affordable package that will surely entice you and your students to enjoy the night  for a minimum of  50 person.


  • minimum of 50- 100 guaranteed students
  • Basic floral arrangement for the first 5-10 tables
  • Bouquet of flowers for the star of the night
  • Free lunch buffet for two for the JS prom King and Queen
  • Free use of function room
  • Use of LCD Projector with white screen
  • Red carpet
  • Basic sound system


  1.   Call Sales and Reservation office look for Alma Gonzales or Divine Montenegro 09178557822/ 7822016
  2.   Fill up Client Information Form to tentatively reserve the date
  3.   Save the date by placing an initial deposits equivalent to 30% of your Total package price or Php 20,000.00 whichever is higher
  4.   Upon confirmation an additional payment equivalent to 40% of the total package price is required while the remaining balance          equivalent to 30% should settle either on the day of the JS Prom or before the JS Prom date
  5.   Payments should be made either at Royale Tagaytay Country Club office and requests for Official receipt or thru our servicing          bank with the following details:
    Name of Bank: BDO Tagaytay Branch
    Account Name: Royale Tagaytay Country Club, Inc.
    Account Number: SA562-000-3001